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The Friends of Music Society is an association founded in 1953 with the primary vision of creating the Athens Music Hall. With the opening of the Megaron in 1991, the Society founded the Orchestra of Friends of Music (Camerata) and with the generous support of the Lilian Voudouris Foundation, it created the Music Library of Greece in 1997. The main objectives and activities of the Society are the development of educational and research programs, the organisation of artistic and cultural events and the support and promotion of Greek musical creation. It also offers scholarships through its bequests, while at the same time, it organises music competitions for young musicians and artists.

In 2013, the Academy of Athens awarded the Society an honorary Prize for its 60 years of musical, cultural and educational work. Among the main activities of the Friends of Music Society is the promotion and enhancement of the “Lilian Voudouri” Music Library. In recent years, the activity of the Music Library has been developed by carrying out theatre performances for children, concerts of young artists and students of conservatories, educational music programs for schools and digital applications aimed at all levels of education, aiming to create foundations for the promotion of music education in Greece. In 2012 the Library received the Award of the “International Organization for Music Education” ISME-Gibson for its work and contribution to Greek music education and especially for the online digital application “MelOdyssey: A Music Story for Young People”. A member of the International Organization of Music Libraries and one of the first cultural organisations in Greece to provide digital content to the European cultural portal Europeana, the Music Library of Greece contributes to the preservation and dissemination of Greek musical heritage by implementing digital applications using state-of-the-art technology and innovative educational programmes.