Object & Objectives

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The object of the ARIA project is the research, development and adoption of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for the creation of innovative experiential participatory experiences at the “Lilian Voudouri” Music Library with the aim of highlighting its important archival material and attracting new audiences. For the purposes of the project, the pilot development and evaluation of a multi-level participatory experience that will evolve on many levels will take place. Focusing on the research question of whether the reception of a musical work by the end recipient depends on the knowledge of the context in which it was created, our approach will combine i) audience interaction with the musical work in an immersive virtual reality experience and ii ) an experiential collaborative experience acquainting visitors with the life and work of each composer through the use of mobile devices. This will achieve the enhancement of archival material, the promotion of its value and the enhancement of the spiritual and emotional involvement of the visitor with it. The Friends of Music Society is going to make economic and commercial use of the results of the research project to create visiting experiences for its existing audience, but also with the ultimate goal of attracting new visitors who would be interested in “experiencing” the archival material through advanced technologies. The methodology, technological tools and research results that will emerge as a whole from the project can form the basis for the exploitation and promotion of archival material and museum collections from other archives, libraries, cultural institutions and collectors.